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Simon Sinek Event London and handling bad bosses

Last week I went to an interesting and inspiring talk with Q&A session with Simon Sinek here in London. For everyone who haven’t heard of Simon, he is a thought leader and is most popular content is probably “Start with Why“.

People don’t buy what you do, people buy why you do it – Simon Sinek

During this event Simon said many impressive things and rayed topics like leadership, generational differences and development from various angles like neuroscience, bio chemistry and so much more.

But what stroke me most I guess was the fact that there is a massive self-help section in bookshops but no “help others” section. I mean of course we pretty often are not comfortable to share what holds us back, to share where we limit ourselves and in which areas we struggle. But why not?

Pretty often it’s not universal troubles, issues and struggles. Sometimes it can even help us to get out of our own thoughts. To stop making everything just about ourselves. To start seeing the bigger picture. To practice gratefulness for what we have.

One woman raised her hand during the Q&A session and said “when we come to work, we are very motivated. We have our inspirational quotes popping up on our desktops and we feel good. After the morning meeting with our boss though, we just want to kill ourselves. And we work in service. How can we deliver a great job to the ones we are caring for when we feel demotivated and treated poorly by our boss”. Btw. this might not be 100% the wording of course but it mirrors what she said.

And Simon Sinek answered

You have to become the leader, you wish you had. If you have a bad boss, take care of each other. Ignore the bosses. Start and create a culture, ignore your bosses and performance will increase.

I mean, that’s strong. I started SalesTrainerIn Ltd. to increase self-awareness within leaders and help shape greater workplaces. But pretty often this is a work in progress, if they wish to work on it and change at all. So as long as the bad bosses don’t change we have to take responsibility for one another.

Or as Simon put it

Worship and nourish the relationships we have. Appreciate and know that someone is having our backs. That someone will helps us spark and be courageous. The relationships we have with our trusted colleagues can function as an intercepting network that create courage.

All together an amazing talk and so many valuable ideas! Chapeau. I hope this post helps to spark a tiny bit of the inspiration Simon has shared with us on this evening.

What’s your favourite story of the week?

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