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11 habits of successful sales professionals


Sales people are made, not born. And the great, successful ones have a couple of things in common.

1 They are prepared and are experts in their field

Great sales people are knowledgable subject matter experts who keep up to date with industry news, trends and the market. They make an effort to understand their clients business and problems. They prepare for meetings and calls to be a valuable business partner.

2 They set goals, clear priorities and keep focus

They are highly organised and manage their day. They set smart goals (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, time bound) and actions steps to accomplish them. Sales environments are often high paced with many distractions.  Self-awareness helps great sales people to be aware of distractions and procrastination traps. Setting clear priorities helps them to stay focus.

3 They eat the ugly frogs

Successful sales people do what needs to be done. They work towards their goals relentlessly – no matter whether they like and enjoy the task on hand or whether it’s an unloved necessity to succeed.

4 They make notes, take care of their CRM and follow up and through

Successful sales professionals listen actively when interacting with clients, make notes and capture their data. They use their CRM systems to help them be more efficient by following up with dates, deadlines and events. They also know that most sales aren’t closed within the first contacts. They stay persistent and follow up.

5 They stay positive

Sales can be tough. The most successful sellers have a positive attitude and overcome rejection. They keep their eye on the price and play to win. Minor setbacks won’t ruin their day.

6 They take full responsibility and embrace learning

No matter how hard we try, sometimes things don’t go our way. Top sellers take full responsibility for their work, the sales process and the client interaction. They see failure and mistakes as a learning opportunity that helps them to get better. They see customer complaints as valuable sources for feedback.

7 They mix channels to maximise success

Top sellers don’t solely rely on only one channel to contact and keep in touch with projects and clients. They are flexible and open to the customer’s preferred communication method and mix things up. They don’t believe cold-calling is dead and simultaneously make use of E-Mail, Social Selling and Face-to-Face-Meetings.

8 They take care of themselves

Sales can be rough. Therefore it’s essential to take care of yourself and value downtime. The great ones know their limits and take time to recharge.

9 They celebrate their success 

Work hard, play hard. The great ones celebrate their success and achievements – with their teams and colleagues. Great sales companies do have celebrations of successes as part of their company’s culture.

10 They are curious, ethical and authentic

Successful sales professionals stay curious and open to meet new people, conversations and situations. They are highly ethical and know they are best when being authentic. They don’t try to become a copy of their “gurus” but know their strengths, weaknesses and uniqueness.

11 They practice, practice, practice

Practice makes perfect. An openness to learning and self-development helps the best to master up their game to stay on the top.

Did I miss anything? What habits do you find most helpful within the sales business?

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