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Mindset of successful B2B sales professionals

What does make B2B sales professionals successful? The short answer is practice (technical skills) and the right mindset.

The longer answer would be practice and the right mindset, meaning:

They solve problems

Successful sales professionals know that customers don’t buy a product or a service but they buy solutions. Solutions that solve their problems and fulfil their needs.

They listen to understand – not only to reply

Active listening is essential for success. Essential in the sense of truly listening and understanding. Especially within a consultative selling approach when selling complex solutions this mindset is crucial.

They know that planning and preparation are essentials

We all like a quick win. Becoming a great sales person takes a lot more than luck and the ability to communicate effectively. The best ones plan their actions, their days, their time. They prepare for meetings, they research companies and their meeting partners. They run the day and aren’t run by the day.

They are relentless and get back up

Successful top seller know that sales is about working hard, following up and not giving up. After each rejection they get back up and keep pursuing their goal relentlessly.

They have a certain commercial mindset

Successful sales people know they can make a lot of money selling. However, they aren’t solely in the game for making a quick buck. They have a healthy mindset regarding money and know it’s a currency for the service they provide. Successful sales people aren’t scared of price negotiations and achieve high profit-margins confidently.

They have fun and enjoy the game

Great sales people find way to spice even routine schedules up. They are keen on meeting new people, understanding their problems and finding creative ways to solve problems.

They stay optimistic and adaptable

Life is what happens to us when we make other plans. Successful sales people know they can’t control everything that happens around us or sometimes to us. They know though that they can control how they react towards certain events and situations. They stay optimistic and adapt their approach, communication style etc. accordingly.

They have a hands-on go-getter attitude

The most successful sales people aren’t solely motivated by financial benefits – that’s a nice add on but they are self-driven, high achievers. Intrinsic motivation and a play to win attitude while the expectation to deliver first-class customer service are what differentiates the good from the average.

They take full responsibility

They know that they have to take full responsibility. Not only for their own doing, also for the whole process. It’s their job to follow up with the client and to ensure the deal is safe.


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