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Selling Diamonds – The Must Know’s

Diamond Must Know’s for Fine Jewellery Sales Professionals


“That something so small could be so beautiful. Worth so much. Only the strongest people can turn away from feelings like that.”  – Anthony Doerr 


Diamonds – not only one of the most valuable possessions in the world. Probably also the most beautiful investment.

So, what is the fascination about diamonds? Yes, they are a great investment – there are much more important selling points though. It is rather more emotional, more sentimental, and more romantic decision why someone would aim for a diamond purchase.

"Diamonds are Forever" - Ian Fleming

“Diamonds are Forever” – Ian Fleming

A diamond is something we keep! Diamonds are forever! They are made to last. With being the hardest stone in the world, they cannot be easily smashed, crushed or broken.

Often Diamonds often remain in family and with loved ones for decades. The mother who bestows diamonds upon her daughter for her wedding. The grandmother who bestows her diamond jewellery upon her granddaughter.


  1. Stunning beauty and perfection

Diamonds – unique, rare and stunningly beautiful! Diamonds are created through pressure and up to billions of years old. The diamond becomes a true beauty through the artisanship of cutting and polishing. To make it wearable its most often enhanced through a beautiful setting that adds on to the beauty. The craftsmanship is what makes out of a raw stone a stunningly beautiful and sparkling treasure that fascinates us since ages.


  1. The symbol for endless love and a lasting connection

Diamonds are the hardest natural stone in the world. This feature of endurance, combined with the significance of a diamond in history, the rarity and its beauty is what makes diamonds the perfect symbol for everlasting, real love.


  1. It sparkles – we want it!


“Everybody loves things that sparkle.” – Philip Treacy


We all like a bit of sparkle and glitter, don’t we? Diamonds add joy in every day. Even in Mondays!

“When life gives you Monday, dip it in glitter and sparkle all day.” Ella Woodward


  1. What dreams are made off


Stars wear diamonds on the red carpet. Rhianna sings about them: “Shining bright like a diamond
We’re beautiful like diamonds in the sky”.

When we grow up, we dream of a prince, true love and happily ever after’s. Often symbolised through a diamond ring.


  1. Luxury, fashionable and timeless!

Diamonds make us feel beautiful and special. They add luxury to any outfit. When given to us it is always a gift of perfection. Every diamond is individual, beautiful and unique. Just like we are!


  1. It’s an investment!

Diamonds are valuable and expensive. For some it’s an investment to keep safe, for others it’s a more practical investment to pass by to loved ones for generations.


  1. Because we are worth it and have a reason to celebrate!

Yes, women buy diamonds for themselves. When we want to celebrate something or simply because we are worth it.

Celebration rings are often refined with sophisticated diamonds. Often bought for special occasions like childbirth, anniversaries, birthdays etc.


  1. Cause they are so special

They are special – just like us!

When we have a closer look there are lots of similarities between an uncut diamond and a personality. We all are unique and special. However, to become our best selves and shine as bright as we can, we need to get polished and sometimes even cut – just like as needed to get the best out of a diamond.

Then the many facets of a diamond, the often-perfect imperfections or inclusions and little flaws are what makes each diamond unique – just like us.


  1. Sometimes because it’s expected!

Sometimes diamonds are simply bought because it’s expected by social norms to do so. For example by proposing. In this case, this would not be the most romantic choice or coming deep from the heart – but that’s a reason why they sometimes are bought and sold. For example for engagements.

So, what do you need to know when selling it? Here we go:


Technicalities an aspiring Fine Jewellery Sales Professional needs to know!


The 4 C’s

What are the 4 C’s?



The diamond cut refers to measures like symmetry, proportioning and finally the polish of a diamond, not the shape though.



The diamond clarity measures it’s purity and therefore it’s rarity.

We differentiate between internal and external flaws. No inclusions means there are no internal flaws in the diamond. No blemishes means there are no external imperfections in the stone. It’s hard to see and determine flaws with the eye – therefore it’s been measured with magnifications and should be in the manual for every piece and stone you have in your store.

The classifications for clarity are as follows:

FL implies flawless and is extremely rare.

IF stands for internally flawless.

VVS1 and VVS2 stand for a very, very slightly inclusion of flaws.

VS1 and VS2 stand for very slightly included flaws.

SI1 and SI2 stand for slightly included flaws.

I1, I2 and I3 categorises imperfect diamonds.

Source: Tiffany & Co.



The most valuable diamonds are colourless and classified with a letter D. Most diamonds have a yellowish or brownish hint of colour.

Diamond colour classification as follows:

D – F diamonds stands for colourless.

G – J stands for near colourless.

K – M stands for faint yellow colour.

N – R stands for very light yellow colour.

S – Z stands for light yellow colour.

The more yellowish hint of colour a diamond has, (the closer to the letter Z) the less valuable is the diamond.

An exception are Yellow Diamonds! They are probably the most well-known natural fancy coloured diamonds and incredibly valuable. Hereby we speak from a deep yellow tone not just a hint of colour though.



The carat weight itself does not determine how valuable a diamond is. A bigger or heavier stone might be less valuable than a smaller stone depending on the cut, clarity and colour.



Tiffany Diamonds – need to know’s – because they are the special ones!


So, what is it about Tiffany Diamonds?
Well, first of all Tiffany & Co. and there magic blue box are the embodiment of the perfect diamonds.  The brand Tiffany & Co. has set the industry standard for fine jewellery and the perfect diamonds, This means, when you work in fine jewellery sales and sell diamonds you will have to deal with this as a benchmark. You will get regularly customers walking in and asking you how your diamonds compare to Tiffany diamonds.

Here are some need to know facts about what makes Tiffany & Co. diamonds so special, valuable and strikingly beautiful.


The iconic Blue Box!

Obvisously! Who doesn’t know Tiffany’s iconic Blue Box that cannot be purchased but only be given to you!?


Tiffany Quality


„Tiffany rejects 99.96% of the world’s gem-grade diamonds“ – Tiffany & Co.


OK, let sink this in for a moment. This means they only take on 0.04% of all potential diamonds!

That is not that much! It is rather nearly nothing! This makes the diamonds even more special!

Let us have a look at the quality of those special Tiffany Diamonds in a bit more detail. First, they go for the 4C’s – obviously. However, they have an additional 5thquality distinctive mark – their diamond shapes!


The Tiffany Setting and the Story behind


Tiffany Setting – THE original engagement ring! The symbol of true, enduing love. The reason why we propose with a diamond ring.

Invented 130 years ago by Charles Lewis Tiffany. An exceptional beautiful design of a diamond ring with the diamond as the centerpiece.


 Maximum Brilliance


“From across a crowded room, you can always see a Tiffany diamond engagement ring no matter what size it is. Tiffany diamonds have a brilliant scintillation and sparkle like no other.” – Melvyn Kirtley, Chief Gemologist, Tiffany & Co.



Tiffany diamonds aim for a perfect symmetry – to get the maximum brilliance. Maximum brilliance is reached when the light that hits the diamonds goes back out through the diamond table. When the diamond is not with a perfect symmetry, it loses naturally on brilliance, sparkle and shine.


“Tiffany diamond cutters refuse to compromise. When the choice is size or beauty, we always choose beauty, so that we outshine all the others.” – Tiffany & Co.





Tiffany sells only diamonds with a classification from flawless (FL) to very slightly included flaws (VS1 and VS2).




Tiffany only sells diamonds with a D to I grading (colourless to near colourless).


It’s Tiffany & Co.


Do you remember Sex and the City when Charlotte’s biggest dream comes true and her so long searched for boyfriends proposes and takes her to pick the most beautiful ring? She picks a Tiffany engagement ring – obviously. OK, the guy is not the real Mr. Right and they finally split up. Still, Charlotte keeps wearing the ring at home. The place where she feels safe. Why? Because she loves it and the feeling, that it gives her!

Need another example? Let’s have a look at Breakfast at Tiffany? One of the most popular movies of all time. With a stunning Audrey Hepburn who still inspires millions of little and not so little girls. We live by Holly Golightly’s quotes.

Tiffany is the brand the most asked for designers work for. We have Pablo Picasso’s daughter Paola and her amazing designs like her Graffiti, Melody, Olive Leafs and Sugar Stacks collections.

Elsa Peretti and her incredible designs like her iconic Open Heart, Wave or Diamond by the Yards collections.

In addition, of course the extraordinary Tiffany & Co. Schlumberger designs like Lynn (my absolute favourite!!!),  the egg charms and many more. Not to forget the famous brooch “Bird on a Rock” with the 128.54 carats (25.708 g) yellow diamond as probably the most well-known centerpiece of his designs.


So, how do you then sell your diamond jewellery design to keep up with the smoking hot Tiffany designs and quality?


You have different options:


Tiffany as a well-known, iconic luxury brand with a certain price point. This is a proper KO-criteria for many! Especially when you cannot necessarily tell the exact quality of a diamond by just looking at it. When buying engagement rings men often prefer a bigger stone than a better quality. This might be a good selling point for you.

Also, when you sell more fashionable pieces with rather small diamonds often these are not hand-cut or need such a great quality to add sparkle and a lot of glamour to your pieces.


Bespoke designs and unique pieces

Do you offer bespoke and unique pieces to your customers? Great, this is an amazing selling-point for your fine jewellery!

The scalability might be limited then, however you’ll get a good feel for the market and word of mouth can get you a great start to transition in maybe more standardised designs.



Tiffany & Co is like Cartier and other big brands popular and loved by many. When you are a smaller designer, you might have a limited availability of pieces you sell or only to a local market. This could get you the advantage of exclusivity and individuality for the buyer.

And don’t forget – you could also offer Gemstones as an alternative!


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