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Why your Personality is the most valuable Diamond you’ll ever sell

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Are you jewellery sales professional or an aspiring fine jewellery sales professional? Than you are surrounded by the most beautiful pieces and stones on a daily basis. You know how to take care of them. You know what makes a diamond valuable (if not, check out this post: Selling Diamonds – the Must Know’s). You admire them, you handle them with care and present them proudly to your customers.

I’d love to see that people would handle themselves the same admiration and love as they handle valuable diamond pieces. Pretty often we respect things the moment they get a price tag. The higher the price the more valuable the piece must be.

Human beings usually come without a price tag (luckily) and aren’t classified (or shouldn’t be). Neither should we be collectables that show a certain status (although sometimes it feels like it… OK I’ll stop judging now and get to the point of this post).

How do you then find your own value though? What makes you valuable and what do you have in common with a diamond?

The first two questions are a bit philosophic and probably best to answer by yourself, for yourself. I’ll help you with the third question though.

Similarities between personality and diamonds

1. We are all unique

Like diamonds, there is no one the same like another. That’s the true beauty – and also your absolute superpower. There is only one you! Start using this superpower! Or to put it in the words of ¬†Oscar Wilde

Be yourself; everyone else is already taken!


2. Diamonds are made under pressure

Live is hard. It’s a tough ride and there is light and shadow. We wouldn’t even be able to value the beautiful moments of luck, joy and happiness if we wouldn’t have been through darker times. As a sales person you know sales can be tough. There is a lot of pressure. There is lots of rejections and “no’s”. And then there are these moments you see the spark in the eye of a customer when they found THEIR piece. The one piece that seems to be made only for them and waited for them to be worn. Or the moment you hit target… depending on what makes you tick. I’d assume a mixture of both.


3. We have many facets

Just like a diamond we have many facets… our personality makes us complex, flexible, interesting, fun, serious etc.

There are on the one hand all the juicy bits and bops you were born with (genes and genetics) and then on the other hand there are all these amazing things you developed, learned and crafted like your personality, experiences that shaped you, skills you learned etc.


4. It takes work to transform raw material into a shiny bright masterpiece

Diamonds need a cut, setting and a regular polish as being handled with good care. So do you!

It takes work and self development to become the most brilliant, sparkling version of yourself! Working on yourself is hard because it takes lot of effort and it effects you immediately. Especially when we talk about dark sides and inner demons this can get really uncomfortable. It’s sooo worth it though! How else will we overcome the hard bits to get to the fun bits? Exploring your dark side means also to know what your are planning to tackle.

Sometimes people believe that weaknesses are the only dark side we have. That’s not quite true as also overused strengths can add massively to mediocre or even bad performance.


So, little diamond, it's about time to get out there and to shine bright :)

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