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Our Mission

Our mission is to challenge the current status quo, as we think about skills and professionalism - to make jobs more attractive for future generations and times. 

We believe that neither dress code nor impression management should be the deciding factor for competence or professionalism.

We believe that in the age of digitalisation, virtual reality and artificial intelligence, personality will always be a key competitive factor. 

We believe that people still want to interact with people. We sell ourselves every single day several times. Therefore, it is important that we understand who we are and what makes us what we are. That we also understand what motivates us . That we know what our strengths and weaknesses are. That we understand how we are perceived by others and what behaviour could make it difficult for us to climb the career ladder. 

We also believe there are far too many unconscious biases in human interactions, especially in leadership, sales and recruiting. So we decided to do something about it.


"Authentic, couragious and curious, I want to help others to transform their individuality and otherness into strengths", Stephanie Bosch 

In 2006, I started my traditional corporate career with a dual degree in business administration and banking in cooperation with Deutsche Bank. I left the bank in 2012 and during my 6 years at Deutsche Bank in Frankfurt, Mannheim and Krefeld I gained intensive sales experience.

After a further 3 years in Financial Services Consulting and International Recruiting with three market leaders in Stuttgart, Frankfurt and London, I completed my Master of Science (MSc) in Global Leadership at Goldsmiths University, University of London. Due to the strong focus on occupational psychology and entrepreneurship where my expertise and interest in the field of personality was further fuelled.

I've been working with psychometric tools since 2012 and am a registered British Psychology Society registerer test user for Psychometrics (Occupational for Ability and Personality (Level A & B)).

In 2016, I finally summoned up my courage to work for more openness and acceptance. True to the motto "You must be the change that you want to see in the world," Mahatma Gandhi.

Leaving Corporate World and founding SalesTrainer Ltd was not an easy step, but an important one. To fight for what I think is right. Namely that competence and professionalism have nothing to do with appearance, but much more with behaviour and personality. 


As probably with every new and courageous adventure, the beginnings were bumpy and rocky.

As a true corporate kid, this entrepreneurial journey was anything but an easy start. There were many concerns and hurdles, as well as an extremely steep learning courve to get a first orientation as an entrepreneur. The journey so far has had little in common with the beautiful, simple, glittering entrepreneurial world portrayed on social media.

But with a strong belief in the right purpose, every trip is worth it - no matter how bumpy. And this belief is strengthened by my personal experiences and experiences that there was no other way than to get involved.

And although the first steps were small, I've learned a lot since then. My first customers came relatively straight after the official "launch" and all other customers helped to make the business what it is now.

At the end of last year, the first online courses were added - with more than 6,300 students from 130 countries, as well as a presence on the most important social networks. The offer and the services were continuously tailored to the actual customer needs and wishes through feedback. 

This trip and this company are still in baby shoes and the whole thing is relatively at the beginning - so there is no "fake it till you make it" attitude here, but openness and transparency about what I can and can not deliver.

Of course, I am very happy about every companion who will join us on this path and will help shape the company and make the mission successful.


Passion and curiosity for personalities and individuality.

A sincere interest to assist people in their development.

An international, open mindset paired with German quality orientation and efficiency.

Entrepreneurial thinking and impulses combined with corporate experience.

Real life experience and hands-on mentality, as well as a passion for science and research. 

A mixture of curiosity, empathy and interest in people.

Understanding of intercultural differences and a love of discovery - Bilingualism in German and English. 

Customisable solutions tailored to your company size, team culture and requirements - delivered with a smile.


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