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How to sell whilst maintaining relationships with clients

Maintaining Relationships in Sales

Being in sales is by no means an easy job. With some pretty negative connotations and, an often, reluctant audience you have to be balanced and cautious when dealing with your target audience. But, often in the desire to close that deal, it is all too easy to forget about long-term relationships which can often…

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30 Day B2B Sales Challenge

      Day 1: Finish the sentence: “As a B2B sales professional I want to achieve … “   Day 2: Today I will make sure to capture all data as accurately as possible   Day 3: Today I declutter my e-mail inbox   Day 4: Today I check whether I have signed up for…

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11 habits of successful sales professionals

  Sales people are made, not born. And the great, successful ones have a couple of things in common. 1 They are prepared and are experts in their field Great sales people are knowledgable subject matter experts who keep up to date with industry news, trends and the market. They make an effort to understand their…

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Mindset of successful B2B sales professionals

What does make B2B sales professionals successful? The short answer is practice (technical skills) and the right mindset. The longer answer would be practice and the right mindset, meaning: They solve problems Successful sales professionals know that customers don’t buy a product or a service but they buy solutions. Solutions that solve their problems and fulfil…

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