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5,300 students from 126 countries – THANK YOU!!

As some of you might know I started teaching online courses in November last year. Since then I have published 6 courses so far, 4 English and 2 German ones. Within the last 9 months a total of 5,300 students from 126 countries have trusted me already and enrolled in my courses. It’s time to…

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Warum Hogan Assessments?

Um einen Ausgleich zum englischen Artikel “Why I use Hogan Assessments and why you should, too” von letzter Woche zu schaffen gibt es nun auch eine deutsche Videofolge “Was sind Hogan Assessments”. Hier ist der Link:  

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Which problem are you solving?

“Which problem are you solving” – is the topic of a new video on our YouTube channel. You can check it out here: The video is actually a sneak peak to our first online course “Sales Basics for Non-Sales People”. The course went live this week and has already more than 2000 students enrolled from 100 countries. The course is a…

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SalesTrainerIn goes YouTube

SalesTrainerIn goes YouTube and decided to share regular video content. Please feel free to check out  our channel here (Channel name SalesTrainerIn Ltd). For the beginning, we produced two introduction videos – one in English and one in German. I will link them below and we would very much appreciate your feedback. Here’s the English one Das ist das deutsche…

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Hogan at a Glance (Video)

Ever wondered what Hogan can do for you? Check out this video by Hogan Assessments. I am a certified user of Hogan Assessments and more than happy to assist you become more successful as a business.

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