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30 Day B2B Sales Challenge

      Day 1: Finish the sentence: “As a B2B sales professional I want to achieve … “   Day 2: Today I will make sure to capture all data as accurately as possible   Day 3: Today I declutter my e-mail inbox   Day 4: Today I check whether I have signed up for…

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Smash your New Year's Resolutions!

Today is the 31st of December, New Year’s Eve. This is the time where we often reflect about the last year, our goals, our achievements and what we might have disliked. It’s this time of the year where we think of what needs to be changed. How we can transform ourselves and how we pretty often fail…

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Which problem are you solving?

“Which problem are you solving” – is the topic of a new video on our YouTube channel. You can check it out here: The video is actually a sneak peak to our first online course “Sales Basics for Non-Sales People”. The course went live this week and has already more than 2000 students enrolled from 100 countries. The course is a…

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