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The Psychology of Sales

At SalesTrainerIn we truly believe sales can be taught. As long as you are a genuine, authentic individual sales is well within your grasp, it just needs to be encouraged and boosted. And one of the most important ways to learn how to sell is to understand the psychology behind it. And to understand what motivates people to buy. So, in laymans terms we have established what we believe to be 5 of the key psychological points that can help lead to good sales.

5 Psychological Sales Tips

  1. Less options

It can seem incredibly tempting to show a client everything you have on offer. Because you are proud. And you don’t want them to miss out on anything they might need. However, for a customer this can seem rather overwhelming. Instead speak to the customer and listen actively. Try to understand their needs and requirements – then present a selected choice of products or services that you think will genuinely help them. The time taken during this process should help engender long term relationships and, hopefully, lead to a mutually beneficial sale.

  1. Brand narrative

Individuals identify with a story, with something they can buy into. So one of the most powerful tools for creating a connection with your customer is to create a narrative – make the product come alive. Perhaps tell them how it has helped someone else. Or even better show them – even filming a short testimonial on your iPhone could well be an immensely powerful way of allowing your customer to identify with your brand as well as building credibility.

  1. People make decisions emotionally

A few weeks ago we wrote about German culture and how they value professionalism and efficiency in business transactions. Things are a little different here in England, buyers here make decisions emotionally – if you’re unsure about this just watch 5 minutes of the X factor. Make sure your language addresses how you fulfil a need or help reduce a pain point – speak in emotive and descriptive vocabulary that compels the British user to make a purchase.

  1. Reciprocity

This can be known as so many names – karma, juju. Whatever you want to call it – doing something good for someone else generally has long term benefits. So think about how you might be able to help your client and build those all important long term relationships. Is there a restaurant they want to try, but has a long waiting list? A sports game they desperately want to see? Or if you are an e-commerce perhaps you have some extremely valuable content, but you make it gated – meaning they have to, and thanks to the laws of reciprocity, will want to provide their email address in order to get it.

  1. Listening

Everyone wants to be heard, to vent without stopping or wax lyrically endlessly. As a salesperson you job is to be that ear – listen to your client. More than that actively listen to them – nod and say phrases like “I hear that” or “that must be so difficult.” Whilst this may not lead to an immediate sale it will allow you to build a bond with the client. This may well prove extremely powerful down the line.

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